Bayside with Say Anything at The Crofoot

Bayside and Say Anything hit the road together this summer to bring us one of the best tours to kick off the summer. Bayside had a special acoustic set due to a death in the family of Chris Guglielmo who had to leave to be with his family. In the dark there was some light two of the four members of Bayside (Jack o’shed and Anthony Raneri) came on stage and gave a intimate acoustic set. Talking to some fans before the show none of them have ever seen a acoustic set by Bayside. Throughout the set the band played some of their hits “Megan” “Don’t Call Me Peanut” and the crowd favorite “Devotion And Desire”.


Say Anything was up next and the crowd lit up! They definitely got the crowd on their feet and moving  and singing along to every word to songs like “Night Song” and “Give A Damn”. Even after Say Anything finished the show with “Alive With The Glory Of Love” the fans didn’t leave they screamed for the band they love to come back out and do one more.  After a few minutes of the crowd chanting “ONE MORE SONG!!” the band came out and closed the night out with  "Every Man Has A Moly”


State Champs At St Andrews Hall

State Champs hit the road with Against The Current and With Confidence. 

 The Australian pop punk band With Confidence started off the show on a high note. with songs like “London Lights” and “Keeper”.   As I was watching  With Confidence all i could think about was wow they sound like a young Blink-182.

Up next was Against The Current, a New York band fronted by Chrissy Costanza  got everyone off their feet and dancing. Chrissy Constanza matched their energy she did not slow down the whole set.

As soon State Champs hit the stage the crowd went nuts, kids were flying over the barricade after crowd surfing to the front. Everyone in the venue was screaming so loud it made it hard to hear the band. Some of the high points of the show were when the band said how awesome the Detroit crowd was along with them playing “All Or Nothing” and “Elevated"

Lukas Graham at The Fillmore

Photos:Jacob Giampa

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The Danish pop-soul band known as Lukas Graham hit the stage at The Fillmore with a unique sense of energy on Tuesday night. Frontman Lukas Forchhammer was excited to be back in Detroit. To start out the night, the band played was the exuberant anthem known as "Take The World By Storm". Forchhammer kept the night entertaining by jumping all around the stage and even removing his shirt near the beginning of the set. Throughout the night, he told stories about missing his father, his friends being in jail and other childhood struggles. He even told the crowd that it has been his dream to tour America and he couldn't be happier that the band was. The group went off stage after the last song, only to be brought back out by the cheers of the crowd. The encore continued the show with "Funeral", which is about the singer's ideal funeral. Last but not least, the band's keyboardist, Morten Ristorp, started playing the beginning notes of "7 Years" and the crowd lost it's mind. The audience sang along with Forchhammer through every verse. The band promised they would come back and play in Detroit, but have twice as many people show up. The band has 3 Grammy nominations this year including Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

Blink-182 at Van Andel Arena

Blink-182 has brought one of the most anticipated tours of 2016 to Grand Rapids with All Time Low and A Day To Remember. All Time Low started the pop/punk-filled night off on a humorous note making jokes between their songs "Six Feet Under the Stars" and "Dear Maria, Count Me In"; both singers, Alex and Jack, had the crowd laughing. A Day To Remember was up next  with an 11 song set. ADTR has never disappointed me live and this show was not any different. They always give their all during every show and you could definitely tell that they were having the time of their lives opening up for a band that they all grew up listening to. ADTR got the crowd moving with their catchy punk style; every song they played they had the crowd singing along with them. 

Blink-182 has embarked on their first tour after their founding member Tom Delonge left the band and the crowd loved every second of it, bringing the fans back to their high school days! The first song of the night "Feeling This" brought back the iconic flaming "FUCK" sign. For myself, the highlight of Blink's set was songs off of their new album California like "We Built This Pool", "Cynical", and "San Diego". The only low point throughout the show was hearing Matt sing Toms' parts. Don't get me wrong, he did a great job, but it's not what I, and many other die-hard Blink fans, are used to hearing. Hearing Matt sing Toms' parts really made me miss him being a part of the band. Another thing missing that night was the back and forth jokes between the band members, who are also great friends. With all that aside, they put on a amazing show and would love to be able to see them again.  

Modern Baseball At The Crofoot - SOLD OUT

Modern Baseball played one of their best shows to date at the Crofoot in pontiac last week in souport of their new album Holy Ghost. Opening the show was Thin Lips and the punk group Joyce Manor. 

Joyce Manor really got the show ready for Modern Baseball with their fast catchy songs. They stared off the set with “Heart Tattoo”  and kept the energy going with songs like “Constant Headache” and “The Jerk”.

Modern Baseball started off the set with a song off of their new album Holy Ghost titled “Wedding Singer”. As soon as their set started they had the crowd singing every word the rest of the night. As the night came to an end Modern Baseball left the stage but the crowd wouldn’t leave unless they got one more song. After a few minutes of everyone screaming for them to come back the band came out and played “Your Graduation” and the crowd lost their mind! Fans were jumping over one another and dancing along to the music. Check out the video of “Your Graduation” below. It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful night. Modern baseball, Michigan loves you.

Night Two Of The Used's 15 Year Anniversary Tour at Royal Oak Music Theater

Night two of The Used's 15 year anniversary tour blew the roof off of the Royal Oak Music Theater. The like wrapped around the building and it almost felt like you could see it stretching for miles! As the doors opened everyone flooded in. Some joined the never ending merch line, others at the bar but most made their way to the stage to ensure a good spot for the show. The New Regime, hailing from San Diego, CA took the stage to set the mood for The Used. In between songs they'd mention The Used and the crowd roared with excitement. Now it was time, the stage went dark, the crowd went wild. Dark figures swiftly passed across the stage, then they were still. You could hear the intro clip from, "Take It Away" buzzing through the speakers. Then, the lights flashed on and the set began. Not one soul skipped a beat. Everyone was singing along to every word, smiles could be seen across the room and as the night went on the crowd never seemed to run out of energy. In between songs front man, Bert McCracken, spoke of revolution, love, death and change. You could feel he words making an impact of the folks around. Every song that was played was received with love and you could feel the energy in the room growing. As the set came to a close the band geared up to play, "I'm a Fake". McCracken turned the microphone to the crowd letting them take control. In unison everyone screamed the words, then, the band joined in letting notes fly from their fingers so effortlessly. After the song was over the band left the stage. The crowd chanted for one more song, the band returned to their instruments. In the words of McCracken, "Well.. this is just how it works!" They ended their set with splitting the crowd up to prepare for the wall of death as they began playing, "Pretty Handsome Awkward." All things must come to an end, and as the sweaty but happy fans left the venue everyone was alive with excitement.  Here's to another 15 years from The Used!