Taylor Swift At Ford Field


The 28 year old singer and song writer brought her massive show to Ford Field in Detroit last week along with Charli Xcx and Camila Cabello. Taylor started the show off in a very pop star way! The lights went down and the crowd went nuts and smoke filled the stage and the LED screens split to see a silhouette of Taylor singing “Ready For It”. After a few songs Taylor took to a platform  and flew across the crowd to a stage at the back of the arena. When she got there she played “Delicate”, “ Shake It Off” with Charli Xcx and  Camila Cabello. She also played a very special performance of “Jump Then Fall” for the first time in 8 years. Half way through the show she ask the crowd to take a moment to respect the great Aretha Franklin who was very close to the town of Detroit. Taylor put on one of the best and most elaborate shows anyone will probably see in their life. If you have a chance to go to this show you must, its truly a once in a life time experience!

Plain White T's At St Andrews Hall

Plain White T's stopped by St Andrews Hall in Detroit last Friday along with local band Stories Untold. Stories Untold started the show off with a new song Perfume  and from there the played a old one, Hostage and  Giampa, King Of The Castle, Little Everything. All of the songs beside "Hostage" were new and for the most part unheard songs. The Stories Untold boys are getting ready to release their next album that has not been titled yet! so keep a eye out on their social media here for any news or updates.

Plain White T's came to St Andrews Hall for 96.3 WDVD! They started off the show  with Light Up The Room. In their 15 song setlist they played all of their hits along with some new songs off of their new album that dropped right after the show titled "Parallel Universe". Everyone stayed till the end to sing along to their all time favorite Plain White T's song "Hey There Delilah".

G-Eazy at DTE

G_Eazy brought his tour to DTE last week with some amazing artist. The night started out with YBN NAHMIR. He  played “No Hook” and “Bread Winners” being only 18 he has done a great job getting on a massive show and they even hung out in the crowd after their set to meet fans! TY Dolla $ign was up next and thats when the crowd started to get wild he played all of his hits that everyone there knew!

Lil Uzi Vert came out with a giant skull as he played and many crosses on the stage. And he was rocking a Bad Religion shirt and to a punk rock fan that made me like him even more. Lil Uzi played “Drippin' & Swaggin”, “7Am” and “New Patel” as he played he was all over the stage running from side to side.

Finally G-Eazy came out to a sold out DTE. After he played a few song G-Eazy started to talk to the crowd  telling them how much he loved and appreciated Detroit and how they have always been so amazing to him. It really showed how humble and honored he was to be where he was. Make sure you catch G-Eazy on this tour, you won’t want to miss it!

Taking Back Sunday And Coheed And Cambria With The Story So Far At The Walmart Theater

Coheed and Cambria / Taking Back Sunday / The Story So Far Walmart AMP - Rogers, Arkansas About 2 hours prior to the show, I decided to grab some food near the venue at Fuzzy’s Tacos. I’ll never forget getting out of my car and hearing the vocals of Parker Cannon (The Story So Far) carrying for about a mile across the highway during the band’s soundcheck. This was particularly surreal for me being a huge fan in an area where these shows aren't the norm. The Story So Far started the party with riffing guitars and passionate vocals. Parker’s stamina and energy left me quite impressed considering his style of singing. I’ve been critical of other bands in the past that seem to favor their vocals or pitch down, but this was not the case here. Parker’s presence on stage is looking a lot like Liam Gallagher of Oasis with his tambourine and “cool as a cucumber” stature. Their new single “Let It Go” was a hit with the crowd which can be found on their upcoming album release Sept 21st, 2018.

 Taking Back Sunday took the next slot and the nostalgia and surrealism continued through this performance. After seeing TBS over 10 years ago, Adam and company are just as entertaining, if not more. Lazzara’s microphone technique is one of a kind, swinging the cable and mic around with precision. Eventually wrapping around his neck and strangling himself to really give it that Taking Back Sunday feel. Although the band’s lineup has gone through some changes, they are truly dialed in to deliver a great show. 

Coheed and Cambria took the stage as the headliner next. Claudio’s guitar skills took the cake this evening as they promoted their upcoming album “Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures”, set to release Oct 5th of this year. I’d also like to award him with “Best Hair” for the night as that do is truly an asset to this band’s movement on stage. Impressive is an understatement for someone who can play guitar like a legend, sing with incredible projection, and keep that hair looking as healthy and voluminous as ever. Coheed’s shows resemble more of an “experience” with all the backing track transitions between the songs, never leaving their fans with a dull quiet moment.

Photos and review by Ryan Coursey

Mc Chris at PJ Lager House in Detroit

What do you do when you want to go see a concert but you also want to laugh the whole night? Don't worry I got you on the one... just go see Mc Chris! Mc Chris came to Detroit last week to bring some of his special kind of joy. He filled PJ Lager house up to the brim with nerds and everyone there was loving life and all the laughing was infectious! in-between some of his classics like "Pizza Butt" and "Hoodie Ninja" he would would tell jokes and poke fun at Detroit and talked about how he started smoking weed again. One of the best things he does is at every show he takes donations to fight cystic fibrosis. He does this because his nephew was born with the disease seven years ago. If you would like to donate this his cause click here! Or if you want to go see the king of Nerdcore click here for tour dates. 

Modest Mouse at The Fillmore in Detroit

Modest Mouse took over The Fillmore in Detroit for two nights straight last week because one nights of hits couldn't hold enough fans! Opening the show was a band from New York, Mass Gothic is a four piece band and they started off the show with their song "Dark Window" and ended their set wit "Big Window"... they most love windows. Mass Gothic really got fans ready for the power house that is Modest Mouse. This was Modest Mouse's second night in a row at The Fillmore in Detroit (May 2nd and May 3rd). The indie rockers still showed that after all these years they still have what it takes to put on a great show and make a night to remember out of it! through out the show fans were singing along to every word and dancing but when " Float On" came on  everyone lost their mind! If you are thinking about going to see them you will want to get tickets as soon as you can!

Senses Fail and Reggie & the Full Effect at Saint Andrew’s Hall.



Household started the evening off, only playing songs from their incredible new album, Everything A River Should Be. Household was the band I was most excited to watch. My current band, Conveyer, has played with these guys for years in the same Midwest DIY music scene. It’s extremely heart-warming to see them on a tour like this promoting a new album backed by Equal Vision Records.


They absolutely nailed their set. I was interested to see how the harmonies and key changes on their new record would translate live and I was fully satisfied. I actually had trouble getting all the photos I wanted because I couldn’t stop singing every single song/just enjoying the band. They finished off with “Don’t Listen To Me,” the fourth track on their new record (and my favorite song, personally).




Next up was Have Mercy, an indie-rock/emo band from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve listened to them for quite a while and they did not disappoint. Brian Swindle is a solid vocalist who does a fantastic job of conveying the emotion in Have Mercy’s music live. The set was relatively peaceful with a ton of singalongs from the crowd.

The band finished off their set with their most popular song at over five million Spotify plays, “Let’s Talk About Your Hair,” and it was clear that many people in the room were waiting patiently to hear this specific track, myself included. Although I’ve been a fan of the band for a long time, seeing them live further strengthened my appreciation.




Third on the bill was Reggie & The Full Effect. Admittedly, this is a band I had never listened to but was excited to see what they were all about. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a show as popular as this one, and didn’t know every band playing. It ended up being really cool, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching/listening to them. It was obviously clear that they’ve been professional touring musicians for quite some time; the entire set was 100% solid and spot on.


After I went home I did some follow up research and discovered the singer, James Dewees, was the keyboardist for The Get Up Kids and has been involved with some of my other favorite bands such as New Found Glory and My Chemical Romance. Learning these simple facts may have created a bias in my mind that made me like them more than I would have otherwise (oh well).




Finally, Senses Fail. This is a band I had never seen before, but I’ve loved since I was in high school first getting into alternative music. I knew that I’d enjoy them live because everyone who’d seen them would continuously tell me how insane they were. I’ve also noticed from following them on Instagram that they’re fans of some of my favorite 90’s hardcore bands like Snapcase.


Touring in support of their new record, If There Is Light, It Will Find You, the band started off with intense energy. The light show was wicked and made for some fun shots. The stage presence of singer Buddy Nielsen was considerably spirited. The dude just doesn’t stop jumping around. I looked like a bobble-head trying to get shots of him from the pit, but it was awesome.


After playing a few songs from the new record, Nielsen opened up to the crowd about how an almost tragic situation with his wife side-stepping death during childbirth being a driving factor in the music. He talked about the idea of raising a new child alone, without the help and support of his wife, and how that would potentially feel. I can’t imagine dealing with something like that, but it was cool to see some context behind the album’s purpose.
The new album is remarkable and has been on repeat with Household’s new album, as well as Feel Something by Movements. I love this band and always will, it was such an incredible treat to see them live.

Tyler The Creator and Vince Staples at The Masonic Temple Detroit

Tyler The Creator and Vince Staples stopped by the Masonic Temple in Detroit this week for a impressive sold out show. North Long Beach rapper Vince Staples started off the show rocking a bulletproof vest for his set in front of a wall of LED lights. Vince started off his 16 song set with "BagBak" off of his second studio album "Big Fish Theory". As the sent went on the crowd get wilder and wilder, at one point security had to step in and stop a mosh pit that was happening. Vince Staples was a perfect way to get everyone ready for the party that is known as Tyler The Creator.

Tyler The Creator's stage was something out of a fairy tale with a very woodsy vibe. With it being his first heading show in Detroit he came our with a bang! The show was sold out and the whole crowd went crazy when he started his set. He Started the show off with "Where The Flowers Bloom". Half way through his set he covered Frank Oceans song "Biking".

Steve Aoki At Royal Oak Music Theater

With a dramatic opening of exciting and vivid sounds, DJ Steve Aoki took the stage for a SOLD OUT show at Royal Oak Music Theatre last night. The crowd had been warmed up by the electro-music of Bad Royale, Grandtheft, Deorro, and the notorious “Panda”-rapper Desiigner. While the crowd seemed to enjoy the opening acts, Aoki came to party at 11:10pm. Right off the bat, confetti shot out from the stage and Aoki comes in rockin’ a “Detroit vs Everybody” shirt with dark jeans. The lights that lit up the stage were incredible; it definitely created an electric atmosphere. Last night was undoubtedly more about putting on a show for the fans than showcasing his DJ skills. I think one of the hardest things for a DJ to do is to keep the crowd dancing and entertained. It is easy for the audience to get bored and begin to feel like they are just listening to a playlist. However, Aoki kept the crowd pumped, and it was truly a constant dance party for his entire two-hour set. Aoki came to party, and no party is complete without cake. Aoki came through with his well-known "cake in the face." He selected members of the audience to throw a full cake at their face and fans loved it. With Aoki’s enthusiasm, he could have easily kept the crowd going until the next morning, but his concert had to come to an end. Despite the late night, it was an incredible show. Aoki’s “Kolony” tour continues until the middle of March. So until the next time Michigan sees Aoki… cake on.