Mastodon and Clutch at Freedom Hill

Freedom Hill Amphitheater was alive with a buzz of excitement. Passers by displayed their loyalty to Mastodon and Clutch by wearing their merch and you could hear music and laughter in the air. 

 Mastodon, co-headliners of The Missing Link tour, came on stage with such force you could feel the energy from the crowd. Playing a nearly 60 minutes and 14 song set the crowd never skipped a beat. They ended their set with "The Czar". On June, 2nd, Mastodon is releasing their 2009's Crack the Skye on a baby blue vinyl. The Missing Link Tour sets the stage for the highly anticipated vinyl release. 

Lastly Clutch came on and stole the stage. Opening their set with, "The House That Peterbilt". The crowd went wild. Between Clutch's hard/funk metal sound, their energetic stage presence and the crowd's ability to harmonize with the band, a sweet symphony filled the space and bled out and in to the balmy spring air. It seems The Missing Link tour will serve as a wave a refreshment for both the band and fans alike. The atmosphere created at Freedom Hill that night should be a sign of things to come as we await the release of Clutch's eleventh studio album, "Psychic Warfare", set to drop in September 2015. 

Photo's and Review: Taylor Conley