Mc Chris at PJ Lager House in Detroit

What do you do when you want to go see a concert but you also want to laugh the whole night? Don't worry I got you on the one... just go see Mc Chris! Mc Chris came to Detroit last week to bring some of his special kind of joy. He filled PJ Lager house up to the brim with nerds and everyone there was loving life and all the laughing was infectious! in-between some of his classics like "Pizza Butt" and "Hoodie Ninja" he would would tell jokes and poke fun at Detroit and talked about how he started smoking weed again. One of the best things he does is at every show he takes donations to fight cystic fibrosis. He does this because his nephew was born with the disease seven years ago. If you would like to donate this his cause click here! Or if you want to go see the king of Nerdcore click here for tour dates.