Lukas Graham at The Fillmore

The Danish pop-soul band known as Lukas Graham hit the stage at The Fillmore with a unique sense of energy on Tuesday night. Frontman Lukas Forchhammer was excited to be back in Detroit. To start out the night, the band played was the exuberant anthem known as "Take The World By Storm". Forchhammer kept the night entertaining by jumping all around the stage and even removing his shirt near the beginning of the set. Read more.

Blink-182 at Van Andel

Blink-182 has embarked on their first tour after their founding member Tom Delonge left the band and the crowd loved every second of it, bringing the fans back to their high school days! The first song of the night "Feeling This" brought back the iconic flaming "FUCK" sign. For myself, the highlight of Blink's set was songs off of their new album California like "We Built This Pool", "Cynical", and "San Diego". Read more.

Modern Baseball at The Crofoot

Modern Baseball started off the set with a song off of their new album Holy Ghost titled “Wedding Singer”. As soon as their set started they had the crowd singing every word the rest of the night. As the night came to an end Modern Baseball left the stage but the crowd wouldn’t leave unless they got one more song. After a few minutes of everyone screaming for them to come back the band came out and played “Your Graduation” and the crowd lost their mind! Fans were jumping over one another and dancing along to the music. Read more.


Night two of The Used's 15 year anniversary tour blew the roof off of the Royal Oak Music Theater. The like wrapped around the building and it almost felt like you could see it stretching for miles! As the doors opened everyone flooded in. Some joined the never ending merch line, others at the bar but most made their way to the stage to ensure a good spot for the show. The New Regime, hailing from San Diego, CA took the stage to set the mood for The Used. Read more.

Social Distortion Live at Royal Oak Music Theater

From the opening riff of "So Far Away" to the last song Mike Ness had the crowd frenzied with anticipation. Social Distortion is on tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their self titled album "Social Distortion". The godfather ofthe so cal punk scene had them eating out of the palm of his hand. 30 years has done nothing to slow Social Distortion down amidst all the lineup changes Mike Ness had never failed to deliver a great show or great album. Read more.

Twenty One Pilots at Meadowbrook Music Festival

Twenty One Pilots have had a lot of success the last few years, and we have been there to witness it all. I remember seeing them at the Pike Room with my family with a crowd of no more than 30 people and now they have sold out a venue of almost 8000 on a sold out tour. Read More.